Skipper Beck Named Luckiest Man Alive

CHARLOTTE, May 1 – Skipper Beck, President and CEO of Beck Imports of the Carolinas, was named the “Luckiest Man Alive” today as he was chosen as the third player in a three-man group with Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan for the Wachovia Championship Pro-Am.

Beck Imports will be supplying the invitational with courtesy Mercedes-Benz cars and the CEO will be representing his company in the Pro-Am. Teaming with Woods, the best golfer in the world today, would have been enough for Beck, but adding the greatest basketball player of all-time is certainly a nice benefit.

“I nearly crapped my pants when I found out about it,” said Beck, obviously lying through the press conference with soiled khakis. “Being able to play with Tiger would have been an amazing experience, but with Michael there too, I just can’t imagine what it’s going to be like.”

Beck just hopes that he can keep up with Jordan, who has been known to throw $50,000 to $100,000 on a single putt. “I play no-limit hold ’em with some guys from the dealership, but I can’t say I bet much outside of cards.” Luckily for Beck, Jordan is also a poker player and would be more than willing to play a hand or two, if given the opportunity. “Like shooting fish in a barrel,” says Jordan.


One Response to “Skipper Beck Named Luckiest Man Alive”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Skipper Beck runs a Mercedes dealership, which I visited, he is a rude man with a big ego , The service department are thieves especially the service Manager, who is a bigit, thats right , a racist pig. Skipper is also caught up in a prostitution scandal in charlotte. His poor wife. Way to go skipper…see money can buy anything!

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