Kevin Kolb a Threat to Donovan McNabb? Please.

ESPN experts have been talking and writing at great lengths about the Philadelphia Eagles’ decision to draft Houston quarterback Kevin Kolb with the 36th pick overall (4th pick in the second round), sighting two reasons for the surprise pick: 1. Kolb was chosen over higher rated quarterbacks such as Trent Edwards from Stanford, Drew Stanton from Michigan State and John Beck from BYU, and 2: Kolb can’t possibly help the team win now because they already have a Pro Bowl quarterback in Donovan McNabb. Following point number two, several ESPN analysts have speculated that McNabb would be nervous that the team picked a quarterback since that is his position. I think this is a ridiculous thought.

Maybe the Eagles didn’t think anyone available could help them this year. If a number of guys are drafted on potential (i.e. not going to help right away), why can’t this be the case with Kolb? Even if they were concerned about what McNabb thought, maybe they took Kolb instead of the others to lighten the pressure that McNabb would feel. Had they taken Edwards, Stanton or Beck, guys who have potential to start earlier than Kolb, then McNabb would have felt offended/nervous/sad/scared or whatever. But in selecting Kolb, they’ve given themselves more of a buffer between the 2007 season and whenever McNabb decides to hang up his cleats.

Donovan McNabb has absolutely nothing to worry about.


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