More Reasons Why The Yankees Had To Sign Roger Clemens

From and Elias Sports Bureau:

• Matt DeSalvo made his major league debut when the Yankees hosted the Mariners on Monday. As noted in exclusive Elias research that has already been widely reported, DeSalvo is the Yankees’ 10th different starting pitcher this season, the highest total in major league history over a team’s first 30 games. Two related notes that haven’t yet been reported:

DeSalvo is the sixth different rookie to start for the Yankees this season, following Kei Igawa, Darrell Rasner, Chase Wright, Jeff Karstens, and Phil Hughes. The only other team to start six rookie pitchers in its first 30 games — and only by applying current rookie criteria to an earlier era — were Pittsburgh (National League) in 1890 and Kansas City (Union Association) in 1884.

DeSalvo joined Igawa, Wright, and Hughes as the fourth pitcher to make his MLB debut as a Yankees starter this season. Only two other teams used four starting pitchers making their debuts in their first 30 games: Boston (National League) in 1890, Richmond (American Association) in 1884, and Providence (National League) in 1878.

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