Craig Biggio Gets 3,000th Hit

Craig Biggio got his 3,000th hit last night at home in Houston, becoming the 27th player in Major League Baseball history to reach the accomplishment. The 41-year old second baseman, and former catcher and center fielder, hit a shot to center field, but was thrown at second base trying to stretch the hit into a double.

Biggio is the only player in major league history to have at least 600 doubles (658), 250 home runs (286), 3,000 hits and 400 stolen bases (413). He should be a sure first-ballot Hall of Famer when he does finally decide to hang up the cleats. Even better for Biggio, every single stat he has accumulated over his 20 year career have been with the Houston Astros. His got his first hit on June 29, 1988 against Orel Hershiser, 19 years and 1 day before his 3,000th.


Knicks Trade for Zach Randolph

The New York Knicks announced last night during the NBA Draft that they have traded Steve Francis, Channing Frye and next year’s second round pick to the Portland Trail Blazers for Zach Randolph, Dan Dickau, Fred Jones and the rights to this year 53rd pick overall, Demetris Nichols from Syracuse. Randolph became expendable when Portland used the #1 pick in this year’s draft on Ohio State center Greg Oden. Oden will team up in the front court with last year’s #2 overall pick LaMarcus Aldridge, forming a solid duo to compete the in Western Conference.

For the Knicks, Randolph brings considerable power in the low post on the offensive end. Randolph averaged 23.7 points and 10.1 rebounds per game last year, playing against the likes of Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, Dirk Nowitzki and Carlos Boozer.

Some Quick Comments About the Draft

– Corey Brewer might have been the happiest person I’ve ever seen last night and he’s going to a team that is about to trade Kevin Garnett.

– Joakim Noah…

– Ray Allen and Allan Ray are now teammates!

– The Knicks make a great move to get Zach Randolph, then go back to disappointing everyone by drafting Wilson Chandler from DePaul.

– The Yi Jialian vs. Milwaukee battle should be very interesting.

– Notable second round picks who would have been first round picks last year:
Glen Davis #35
Josh McRoberts #37

– Nice to see DJ Strawberry getting selected (#59 by Phoenix). I think he will be a solid defensive contributor to this team for awhile.

– Very surprising to see Aaron Brooks, Aaron Afflalo and Alando Tucker all in the first round. All of them (except arguably Brooks) have first round talent, but it looked like they might be pushed into the second round.

– Did I mention Ray Allen and Allan Ray are now teammates?

– The Bulls used the pick they got from the Knicks to take Joakim Noah and the Knicks got Wilson Chandler with the Bulls pick. I hate Eddy Curry.

– And finally, what do you think these two are talking about in this picture?

2007 NBA Draft Review

Before I even dive into the actual draft, how about the New York Knicks actually completing a deal that makes sense! Zach Randolph, Dan Dickau (who I could have gone without) and Fred Jones for the AWFUL contract of Steve Francis (and I guess the player too) and Channing Frye, who I disliked from the moment the Knicks initially drafted him two years ago. I think this is just a fantastic move for the Knicks and makes the low-post presence even greater. With Randolph’s addition, Isiah Thomas does not have to pretend like Eddy Curry is the only low-post threat for the Knicks. Couple that with increased playing time for Randolph Morris and I think the Knicks are going to make some moves this year. Dare I say 41-41?

In addition, big news out of Seattle, with the SuperSonics trading away Ray Allen and the rights to the #35 pick, which ended up being Glen “Big Baby” Davis to the Boston Celtics for the #5 pick, who turned out to be Jeff Green, Deltone West and Wally Szczerbiak. I think this is a great move for Seattle, who will team Jeff Green with #2 pick Kevin Durant for the next number of years.

The last trade I’ll mention is an interesting one, with the Bobcats obtaining Jason Richardson from the Golden State Warriors for the draft rights to Brandan Wright. An interesting deal, I hope for Michael Jordan’s sake that Richardson can actually play enough for it to payoff.

With that said, let’s see how the LairdNYC Mock Draft did this year after getting five of the first six picks right and then not a single one correct again last year.

1. Portland Trail Blazers
Mock Draft: Greg Oden, Ohio State
Actual Pick: Greg Oden, Ohio State
(1 of 1)

2. Seattle SuperSonics
Mock Draft: Kevin Durant, University of Texas
Actual Pick: Kevin Durant, University of Texas
(2 of 2)

No surprises here, I am pretty sure my grandmother could have gotten these right. Now on to the good part.

3. Atlanta Hawks
Mock Draft: Al Horford, University of Florida
Actual Pick: Al Horford, University of Florida
(3 of 3)

4. Memphis Grizzlies
Mock Draft: Mike Conley, Jr., Ohio State
Actual Pick: Mike Conley, Jr., Ohio State
(4 of 4)

5. Boston Celtics
(rights to pick traded to the Seattle SuperSonics)
Mock Draft: Yi Jialian, China
Actual Pick: Jeff Green, Georgetown University
(4 of 5)

6. Milwaukee Bucks
Mock Draft: Jeff Green, Georgetown University
Actual Pick: Yi Jialian, China
(4 of 6)

7. Minnesota Timberwolves
Mock Draft: Joakim Noah, University of Florida
Actual Pick: Corey Brewer, University of Florida
(4 of 7)

8. Charlotte Bobcats
(rights to pick traded to the Golden State Warriors)
Mock Draft: Corey Brewer, University of Florida
Actual Pick: Brandan Wright, University of North Carolina
(4 of 8)

9. Chicago Bulls

Mock Draft: Spencer Hawes, University of Washington
Actual Pick: Joakim Noah, University of Florida
(4 of 9)

10. Sacramento Kings
Mock Draft: Brandan Wright, University of North Carolina
Actual Pick: Spencer Hawes, University of Washington
(4 of 10)

11. Atlanta Hawks
Mock Draft: Acie Law IV, Texas A&M
Actual Pick: Acie Law IV, Texas A&M
(5 of 11)

12. Philadelphia 76ers
Mock Draft: Julian Wright, Kansas University
Actual Pick: Thaddeus Young, Georgia Tech
(5 of 12)

13. New Orleans Hornets

Mock Draft: Nick Young, USC
Actual Pick: Julian Wright, Kansas University
(5 of 13)

14. Los Angeles Clippers
Mock Draft: Al Thornton, Florida State
Actual Pick: Al Thornton, Florida State
(6 of 14)

15. Detroit Pistons
Mock Draft: Rodney Stuckey, Eastern Washington
Actual Pick: Rodney Stuckey, Eastern Washington
(7 of 15)

16. Washington Wizards
Mock Draft: Thaddeus Young, Georgia Tech
Actual Pick: Nick Young, USC
(7 of 16)

17. New Jersey Nets
Mock Draft: Sean Williams, Boston College
Actual Pick: Sean Williams, Boston College
(8 of 17)

18. Golden State Warriors
Mock Draft: Jason Smith, Colorado State
Actual Pick: Marco Belinelli, Italy
(8 of 18)

19. Los Angeles Lakers
Mock Draft: Gabe Pruitt, USC
Actual Pick: Javaris Crittenton, Georgia Tech
(8 of 19)

20. Miami Heat
(rights to pick traded to the Philadelphia 76ers)
Mock Draft: Javaris Crittenton, Georgia Tech
Actual Pick: Jason Smith
(8 of 20)

21. Philadelphia 76ers
(rights to pick traded to the Miami Heat)
Mock Draft: Josh McRoberts, Duke University
Actual Pick: Daequan Cook, Ohio State
(8 of 21)

22. Charlotte Bobcats
Mock Draft: Rudy Fernandez, Spain
Actual Pick: Jared Dudley, Boston College
(8 of 22)

23. New York Knicks

Mock Draft: Daequan Cook, Ohio State
Actual Pick: Wilson Chandler, DePaul University
(8 of 23)

24. Phoenix Suns
Mock Draft: Tiago Splitter, Brazil
Actual Pick: Rudy Fernandez, Spain
(8 of 24)

25. Utah Jazz
Mock Draft: Derrick Byars, Vanderbilt University
Actual Pick: Morris Almond, Rice
(8 of 25)

26. Houston Rockets
Mock Draft: Nike Fazekas, Nevada
Actual Pick: Aaron Brooks, Oregon
(8 of 26)

27. Detroit Pistons
Mock Draft: Glen Davis, LSU
Actual Pick: Aaron Afflalo, UCLA
(8 of 27)

28. San Antonio Spurs
Mock Draft: Jared Dudley, Boston College
Actual Pick: Tiago Splitter, Brazil
(8 of 28)

29. Phoenix Suns
Mock Draft: Wilson Chandler, DePaul
Actual Pick: Alando Tucker, Wisconsin
(8 of 29)

30. Philadelphia 76ers
(rights to pick traded to the Portland Trail Blazers)
Mock Draft: Marco Belinelli, Italy
Actual Pick: Petteri Koponen
(8 of 30)

8 out of 30 right this year, which is better than last year I suppose…

Further updates later on draft specifics.

My Top Memory from NBA Draft Night 2007

Realizing Ray Allen and Allan Ray are now teammates.

Big Hurt Hits #500

MINNEAPOLIS, June 28 – Frank Thomas hit his 500th career home run today in the first inning off of Minnesota Twins pitcher Carlos Silva. The home run was Thomas’ 13th of the season, his first year with the Toronto Blue Jays after signing a two-year deal in the off-season.

Thomas is a two-time American League MVP, who’s 38 home runs last year were somewhat of a surprise for the slugger, who had not hit more than 18 home runs in the two seasons prior.

The 500 career home run mark has been a guarantee for the Baseball Hall of Fame up to this point and it appears that Thomas will join those ranks when he decides to hang up his cleats. Thomas has a career .303 average and 2,320 hits overall.

Drafting to Trade Instead of Need

Trades talks are still running wild on the internet, which is making me start to think that some teams may pick players tonight with the sole intention of trading them later. This could mess up a good number of mock drafts, but we’ll see. My guess is that Yi Jianlian gets picked too high and by a team that doesn’t need him so that they can trade him later to a team who couldn’t complete a deal in time. This should open up the way for Julian and Brandan Wright to keep slipping, as a lot of teams are harping on Yi, Florida State’s Al Thornton and possibly Washington’s Spencer Hawes.