Charlie Ward New Assistant Coach at Westbury Christian High School

Former Heisman Trophy winner and NBA veteran Charlie Ward has agreed to become an assistant coach with the Westbury Christian High School boys varsity basketball team in Houston, Texas. Ward played 11 seasons in the NBA, including 10 with the New York Knicks, before becoming an assistant coach with the Houston Rockets.

“My goal is to become a head coach somewhere,” Ward said. “This is a very good stepping stone for me.” It isn’t understood why Ward decided to move to High School from the NBA, but whatever the path, Ward clearly enjoys basketball more than football.

Before going on to play basketball and football at Florida State, Ward was drafted as a pitcher by the Milwaukee Brewers in the 1993 free agent draft, and then again by the New York Yankees in 1994. After completing his time with the Seminoles, he made it clear that he did not want to play in the National Football League. As a result, he went undrafted until June of that year, when the New York Knicks made him the 26th selection overall in the NBA Draft.


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