Welcome to Swishing and Dishing, an online forum for two friends to argue continuously about sports in a non-violent manner. Growing up in New York City, we have taken separate paths while choosing sides of important battles; Yankees vs. Mets and Jets vs. Giants is where it starts, but the opiniative disagreements are aplenty.

Despite learning over the years to hate the other person’s teams, we’ve been brought together by the New York Knicks, who seem to be ripping fans away every year that Isiah Thomas continues working for (against) the team. During these trying times, it’s important to remember that we’ll always have the best color commentator in basketball, Walt Frazier. Famous for such sayings as (you guessed it) “swishing and dishing,” “bounding and astounding,” “swopping and hooping,” and “hustle and muscle,” Frazier constantly reminds us that no matter how hard it is to watch the Knicks struggle through another losing season, he will always be there to show us that rhyming two words together is simply serendipitous.


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