AL Starting All Star – 2b

Probably the weakest position out of any in both leagues except NL catcher, AL second basemen doesn’t have that stud like Chase Utley or even a great defender who is a pretty good hitter. Luis Castillo is having a great year, but his offense isn’t what it used to be, even if his defense is gold glove. Because of this, I think the best of a mediocre bunch is Placido Polanco. His numbers won’t wow you but they are very good, and he is an above average defensive second basemen on a contending team. His numbers: .336, 1 hr, 35 RBI’s, 48 runs scored. He also has a .377 OBP and is an excellent number two hitter, advancing runners, getting on base and scoring with the big bats behind him. In my mind you can’t ask for another second basemen who does as much as him in the AL, and doing it on a winning team only shows off his value. Plus I love seeing first time guys making the team and he is has an enormous head.

Vote Polanco Now!


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