AL Starting All Star – SS

While my tomato loving co-writer may try to convince you that Derek Jeter should be the starting shorstop, this is not a popularity contest, I’m basing my opinions on actual performance this year, and if you go by the numbers Orlando Cabrera is nearly mirroring Jeter in every category (Jeter has a few more homers, Cabrera has more steals). To me the real tie breaker is two things – Cabrera is the lifeblood of a division leader and Jeter is not. Cabrera also is a better fielder than Jeter with a .986 fielding percentage. In fact, I still don’t believe Jeter ever should have won the gold glove, but that is an entirely different debate. I would be happy to see either player representing the AL at shortstop, but for me Cabrera has been ever so slightly betters even though we all know Jeter will be voted in. Plus Cabrera is a survivor of the Expos organization, that’s got to count for something!

Fight the evil empire, Vote Orlando!


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