Garnett Says ‘No’ to Boston

Andy Miller, the agent for Minnesota Timberwolves superstar Kevin Garnet, announced today that his client has no interest in being traded to the Boston Celtics.

“The Boston trade isn’t happening,” Miller told ESPN’s Chris Sheridan on Thursday. “If a trade were to happen, that’s not a destination that we’re interested in pursuing.”

Trade speculation has been rampant in the last couple of days regarding Garnett as Boston General Manager Danny Ainge said he was in talks with Minnesota General Manager Kevin McHale regarding the possibility of trading for the all-NBA forward. The latest rumored proposal was Al Jefferson, Gerald Green, Theo Ratliff and the #5 pick in this year’s draft for Garnett.

Because Garnett can opt out of his contract after this season, it is believed that Minnesota is looking to trade him before he can leave the team on his own. If Garnett does opt out of his contract, he will be leaving $23 million on the table just for the 2008-09 season.

People have been calling for a Garnett trade for years as he continues to suffer playing for a mediocre team. The team has only made it out of the first round of the playoffs once since Garnett arrived and they have not made the playoffs in two years. Despite the lackluster play, Garnett has refused to demand a trade.

“Kevin is an extremely loyal person, and loyalty is not a common factor among pro athletes, but in this situation he understands he has to put his long-term considerations ahead of the Minnesota Timberwolves’ long-term considerations.”


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