Giambino Agrees to Talk to Mitchell Investigation

Jason Giambi has agreed to become the first active player in Major League Baseball to cooperate with the Mitchell Investigation into steroids and other performance enhancing drugs in the sport. The decision to meet with Mitchell came after a threat by Commissioner Bud Selig to suspend Giambi if he did not cooperate. Giambi is currently on the disabled list with the plantar fasciitis, which could sideline him through the end of the season.

Giambi’s lawyers met with lawyers for the Players Union and representatives from the Mitchell Investigation over the past couple of days to discuss what could happen to Giambi if he admits to using steroids or names other players who have. The agreement was not made public, but it can be assumed that Giambi will not be punished for his testimony.

Last month, Giambi was quoted in USA Today regarding steroids and he appeared to admit to using them. Though Giambi has never tested positive for steroids (he apparently has tested positive for amphetamines, though the results were supposed to be confidential), he was the second high-profile player to be linked to the BALCO investigation behind Barry Bonds.


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