AL Starting All Star – C

Catcher in the AL could be the most stacked position in the league after NL shortstop. Well, except for Jason Kendall. So why Victor Martinez over Jorge Posada? Both players are terrible at throwing runners out, although both call good games and have had to deal with some pretty bad pitchers (Chase Wright & Jeremy Sowers anyone?). Posada has been hitting for a much higher average, but Martinez has been more of a run producer and power threat. Martinez has 101 Runs + RBI’s and 14 homers. Posada has 84 Runs + RBI’s and only 9 homers. They both hit in stacked lineups with good protection and a lot of runners on base. Posada’s high average in my mind hasn’t produced nearly as many runs, and ultimately that is what counts for a team. Plus Yankee fans have now stolen Jose Reyes’s chant and given it to Jorge. You know, like they did for Billy Wagner’s song.

Hip Hip Vic!


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