AL Starting All Star – OF

I love sushi, and I love watching Ichiro play baseball. While often people complain that starting all-stars for baseball are purely based on popularity and who has cooler commercials (or more internet savvy fans) Ichiro actually deserves to start purely on the numbers. He is second in the league in batting at .364 (and climbing). 7th in the league in runs scored at 53, and would probably have a lot more if not for the anemic mariners offense, I mean cmon, Richie Sexson suuuucks. Ichiro leads the league in hits, and is tied for second with 22 stolen bases. He even has 37 rbi’s out of the lead off spot 3 more than Grady Sizemore. Plus Ichiro may be the best defensive outfielder in the AL. Think about this, he is a gold glove right fielder and this year moved to center because the Mariner’s asked him to. So what happens? Not a single error, 5 outfield assists and i’m shocked it’s that high cause who the heck runs on Ichiro? You can’t have an all-star game without the Madonna of baseball.

Ichiro, Ichiro!


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