Some Quick Comments About the Draft

– Corey Brewer might have been the happiest person I’ve ever seen last night and he’s going to a team that is about to trade Kevin Garnett.

– Joakim Noah…

– Ray Allen and Allan Ray are now teammates!

– The Knicks make a great move to get Zach Randolph, then go back to disappointing everyone by drafting Wilson Chandler from DePaul.

– The Yi Jialian vs. Milwaukee battle should be very interesting.

– Notable second round picks who would have been first round picks last year:
Glen Davis #35
Josh McRoberts #37

– Nice to see DJ Strawberry getting selected (#59 by Phoenix). I think he will be a solid defensive contributor to this team for awhile.

– Very surprising to see Aaron Brooks, Aaron Afflalo and Alando Tucker all in the first round. All of them (except arguably Brooks) have first round talent, but it looked like they might be pushed into the second round.

– Did I mention Ray Allen and Allan Ray are now teammates?

– The Bulls used the pick they got from the Knicks to take Joakim Noah and the Knicks got Wilson Chandler with the Bulls pick. I hate Eddy Curry.

– And finally, what do you think these two are talking about in this picture?


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