Jose Reyes Breaks Sound Barrier Stealing Second, Third and Home

NEW YORK, July 2 – Jose Reyes became the first man in history to break the sound barrier while sprinting in an attempt to steal second base last night. After leading off the game with a bunt single, Reyes took off from first and little is known what happened next. Reyes turned and started running towards second base and half way there, an explosion was heard on the field. The players had no idea what had happened and when everything settled down, Reyes was sliding into home. It is believed to be the first time a player has even stolen three bases in a row, with no throw to any bag.

“I’ve done it a couple of times before while racing Carlos [Gomez], but never in a game before,” said Reyes of the amazing feat. “Sometimes I just can’t control my speed and today it got ahead of me. Luckily I was able to control the direction and round the bases without too much effort.”

The 52,000 fans in attendance also were not sure what happened, as Reyes disappeared half way to second base and then all of a sudden slid into home. “It’s the most impressive physical feat I’ve ever seen,” said Mets Manager Willie Randolph. “Actually, to be honest, I didn’t see it, so who knows what happened.”

High definition cameras were being used during the game, but no one was able to catch Reyes while running, continuing the mystery of what happened.

Reyes leads Major League Baseball with 43 stolen bases.


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