Rangers Sign Drury and Gomez, No One Cares

The New York Rangers signed the top two free agents on the market yesterday, agreeing to contracts with Chris Drury, formerly of the Buffalo Sabres, and Scott Gomez from the New Jersey Devils.

Drury signed a five-year contract worth $35.25 million, with the first two years of the deal paying him $7.1 million annually. Gomez signed a seven-year contract worth $51.5 million, paying him $10 million next season. When asked regarding the Gomez signing, former Devils season ticket holder Doug Skinner replied “the back of his jersey next year should have $$ as the number.”

Drury is from nearby Trumbull, CT, which should draw a slightly bigger fan base to Madison Square Garden than was experienced last season. The NHL has been working through significant problems in gaining, or even keeping, fans active in the league and they are hoping to build on last year’s season and bring hockey back as a major sport in America. Bringing in two highly skilled players to its biggest market certainly helps.


One Response to “Rangers Sign Drury and Gomez, No One Cares”

  1. DR Skinner Says:

    The devils, who also lost Brian Rafalski to the Red Wings, are apparently looking to open their new Newark arena with an AHL team roster. Awesome.

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