Bud Needs To Be There…

If Bud Selig is so bent on not saying whether he will follow Barry Bonds in his quest to break Hank Aaron’s career home run record, he needs to come clean on why he wouldn’t go. Selig needs to stop shuffling around the fact that he is in a constant search to find a link between Barry Bonds and steroids that will ruin the slugger’s career. If he is able to do that before Bonds connects on four more home runs (four to tie, five to break the record), then he will be in the clear. Unfortunately for Selig, there is no clear cut evidence yet and as a result, he has decided to stay silent on the subject.

Everyone knows that this is about steroids and yet Selig is not willing to say it out loud. Selig is ashamed that Bonds is about to break one of the greatest records in the game when most people at least question whether he has taken steroids. This has nothing to do with Hank Aaron, which is unfortunate since it’s his record that is going down. Some people keep referring to Selig’s friendship with Aaron as the reason he doesn’t want to be there when the home run record goes down, but that is preposterous. When it comes down to it, Selig has convinced himself that Barry Bonds is/was a steroid user and therefore should not be recognized for his 756th home run.

Many people consider the last couple of years in baseball the “steroid era” and whether he likes it or not, Selig will forever be linked to the situation because he was commissioner during it all. No one ever brought up steroids during Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa’s destruction of the single-season home run record until after the fact. Unfortunately so many fans have been put off by the recent steroid accusations that Selig had to address the topic. It’s just too bad he is doing so in the way that he is.

Whether Selig wants to go or not is his own issue. But if he decides not to go, he needs to come out and say why. I want to hear him pronounce that “I did not follow Barry Bonds because I think he is a cheater.” Granted, he has no evidence of Bonds’ alleged steroid use, but apparently he doesn’t need any.

Bonds’ record breaking home run will go down as one of the greatest moments in the history of the sport and because of that, the commissioner needs to be there.


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