Rickey Henderson to be Mets Hitting Coach

Future Hall of Famer Rickey Henderson has agreed to join the New York Mets as their hitting coach, replacing Rick Down. The Mets are currently sixth in the National League in hitting and are looking for more production out of their offense.

Henderson, a 10-time All-Star who has the all-time career stolen base (1,406) and runs scored records (2,295), last played in the Majors in 2003, his 25th season on that level. In addition to the stolen bases and runs scored, Henderson also finished his career with 3,055 hits (20th all-time) and 2,190 walks (2nd all-time). He was also the 1990 American League MVP and he won a Gold Glove in 1981. Henderson played for the Oakland Athletics, New York Yankees, Toronto Blue Jays, San Diego Padres, Anaheim Angels, New York Mets, Seattle Mariners, Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers over his 25 year career.

Henderson had been a special instructor for the Mets during spring training, now joins the club in his first coaching role. Needless to say, if the Mets ever need a hitter, you know Rickey is going to try to put himself in there. He recently stated that he would give up his Hall of Fame nod to play one more full season in the Big Leagues.


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