Ciao Stephon

Stephon Marbury, in an interview with the New York Post, said today that he plans on moving to Italy after his playing days with the Knicks are over. The New York City born point guard, who has two seasons remaining on his contract, had previously stated that he didn’t want to play anywhere other than New York. However, it appears that he has now amended that feeling to not wanting to play anywhere else in the NBA.

After visiting the country with his wife in May, Marbury made the decision to continue his basketball career there after his NBA days are done. “I’m not just thinking of doing it, I’m going to do it,” Marbury said. “My wife loved it there.”

“It’s like a Beckham thing,” he said, referring to David Beckham’s recent arrival in the United States as the newest member of the Los Angeles Galaxy. “For my 14th pro season, I want to go when I can still go hard and give the people what they want. I’m looking at how David Beckham is getting love for coming here. He’s 32. I’ll be 32 at the end of my Knicks’ contract. Imagine if someone told him not to follow his heart to play soccer in the U.S. I want to do the same thing for basketball and spread the Starbury Movement so people all around the world can benefit. I want to make things affordable for everybody.”

Needless to say, the hoopla surrounding Marbury’s arrival in Italy will probably be different than what Beckham experienced when he arrived.


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