Despite Indictment, Nike to Release New Vick Shoe

Disregarding his federal felony indictment from an alleged dog fighting circuit he sponsored, Nike announced yesterday that they will still release Michael Vick’s new sneaker, which will be available starting in August.

“What’s going on with Michael Vick doesn’t change our merchandising marketing plan,” said Jeff Hennion, chief marketing officer for Nike. “The shoe is obviously a small component of the overall marketing initiative with Nike.”

The Nike Air Zoom Vick V could potentially be Vick’s last sneaker with the company. Vick has already been dropped as a representative for Kraft Foods, as well as for Coca-Cola’s Powerade sports drink, within the last three years.

However, one begins to think of some possibilities for Vick if Nike were to drop him. After seeing basketball stars like Shaquille O’Neal and Stephon Marbury start their own shoe line, maybe Vick will follow suit. Here are some suggestions for future Vick shoes:

Vick Dogfighters
Vick Federal Felonies
Vick Air Zoom Fight to the Deaths
Vick I Didn’t Do Its

One Response to “Despite Indictment, Nike to Release New Vick Shoe”

  1. Privatjokr Says:

    I thought it would be more like the “Ron Mexico Canker’s.”

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