Bonds Now Two Away From Aaron, Next Stop is Bud’s House

Barry Bonds connected on two home runs yesterday at Wrigley Field, bringing his career total to 753 home runs, two shy of Hank Aaron’s all-time record. Bonds now has 19 home runs on the year, and the next stop on the home run tour will be Milwaukee, where the Giants will play a three-game set this weekend.

The irony of the next stop on their road trip is magical. Throughout the Bonds chase for the home run record, Bud Selig has been quiet on whether he will attend the game(s) when Bonds ties and/or breaks Aaron’s record. The latest rumors have Selig deciding not to attend, but the decision may have gotten a little harder. Selig lives in Milwaukee and is the former owner of the Brewers. With Bonds’ next stop in Selig’s hometown, it has become increasingly difficult for Selig to use excessive traveling as his reason for not attending.

Some people within baseball think that Giants manager Bruce Bochy will sit Bonds if he reaches 755 home runs while on the road, so that the record breaking home run occurs in San Francisco. With the Giants all but out of the playoff race, Bonds’ chase for the home run crown is the main attraction for the Giants anyway; breaking the record on the road would be a huge missed opportunity for the Giants.

I have previously stated that I think Selig should be present when Bonds breaks the record. At the very least, he should be able to attend the three games that are in his backyard.


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