Schilling Opens Big Mouth Again

Curt Schilling, during an interview with HBO’s Bob Costas, furthered accusations against Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire that they used steroids during their careers. Bonds, who is on the verge of breaking Hank Aaron’s all-time home run record, continues to be accused of taking steroids despite never once testing positive.

“If someone wrote that stuff about me and I didn’t sue their asses off, am I not admitting that there’s some legitimacy to it?” Schilling said. The out-spoken pitcher continued by adding Jose Canseco to the argument saying that he “admitted he cheated his entire career. Everything he ever did should be wiped clean. I think his MVP should go back and should go to the runner-up.” Schilling then took it a step further and added Rafae Palmeiro to the conversation: “The year he tested positive, nothing he did that year should count, which I think would take away 3,000 hits for him.”

Schilling often states his opinions through his blog since he refuses to speak much to the media. But what Costas was able to get out of him only added fuel to an already burning fire regarding accusations against Bonds for steroid use. Schilling brought up Bonds’ mistress, Kimberly Bell, and her allegations that he used steroids.

It’s not rare for Schilling to stick his head into situations he doesn’t need to be involved in. He still believes that steroids are being used in baseball and probably blames every hit he gives up on steroids and HGH. I’ve been a proponent against Schilling’s Hall of Fame inclusion and his new comments regarding Bonds only further my opinion. I understand that accomplishments on the field are the keys to Hall inclusion, but it’s clear that off-the-field circumstances affect voting, as seen with Pete Rose and Mark McGwire.


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