Can We Calm Down on the NFL a Little?

There are still 7 weeks before the start of the NFL season, but with the coverage on ESPN and you’d think we were half way through the 16 game schedule. I can’t believe how much they are pushing the NFL on us now even though it is the middle of the baseball season.

Do we not get enough NFL coverage during the season that we need to start following it 365 days a year? I love football more than any other sport, but there is absolutely no reason to cover it this much while out of season and months after the draft.

Then again, I’d rather learn about how the 49ers got better in the off-season than finding out who is more “now,” Shaq or Tom Brady.

One Response to “Can We Calm Down on the NFL a Little?”

  1. The Sports Hernia Says:

    Good point, you would never know football is over a month away when watching ESPN.

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