Good Time for New England Sports Fans, Not a Good Time for Me

As a native New Yorker and sports fan, I’ve become quite accustomed to the Boston vs. New York sports rivalry, even if it has always really been just the Red Sox vs. the Yankees. I’ve grown to not only hate the Red Sox, but now also the Patriots (divisional rival of the Jets) and the Celtics (divisional rival of the Knicks). I suppose if I were a Giants fan, I wouldn’t care as much about the Pats and if I were a Mets fan I wouldn’t care about the Red Sox, but alas, I am stuck with both. And based on the recent transactions completed by those hated Boston teams, I am going to have a rough couple of years ahead of me.

I grew up being able to chant “nineteen-eighteen!” at any Red Sox game I went to, but that privilege evaporated in 2004. I must admit that the Red Sox winning the World Series was the worst moment of my sports life. I’ve seen the Patriots win three Super Bowls and none of them come close to seeing the Red Sox win the World Series. I even refused to watch the World Series that year, although I’ve certainly seen my share of highlights (thank you Lost for rubbing it in even further).

Unfortunately, moving forward, the Red Sox, Patriots and Celtics all have a fantastic window in the next 3-5 years to be really dangerous in their respective sports. The Red Sox are running away with the AL East, although I am not giving up hope quite yet on the Yankees catching them. The recent acquisition of Eric Gagne will certainly help them, but the Yankees need to focus on beating everyone else first before they start worrying about a former Cy Young closer in the division (who coincidentally will not be closing).

The Randy Moss pickup by the Patriots was also terrible to see, especially considering how much they have dominated the division this century. I thought the Thomas Jones signing by the Jets would turn the tables on the division, but Randy Moss might be the real difference maker.

And finally, Kevin Garnett. I previously wrote how I feel bad for Garnett, being traded from the only team he wanted to play for, but I feel worse for those who can’t stand to see Boston teams win like me. Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce form the best threesome in the Eastern Conference and should have the easiest time of any team winning their division. It’s going to be scary and all I can hope for is the Knicks to be competitive enough to make the playoffs; a championship isn’t even on the radar.

The time is now for New England sports fan…live it up, because you never know how long it’s going to last.

Let’s Go Yankees.
Let’s Go Jets.
Let’s Go Knicks.


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