Major League Baseball in Deal with StubHub

Ticket scalping is becoming legitimate. Major League Baseball has announced that they will partner with eBay’s StubHub to create a full secondary market for tickets to baseball games. Previously illegal in numerous states, season ticket holders for Major League Baseball teams will now be able to resell their tickets using the website, which has been matching buyers and sellers of tickets for years.

TicketMaster, which has dominated the ticket distribution business (some argue they have a full monopoly), will certainly be hurt by this agreement, though it is unclear what their next step will be. In previous situations, InterActiveCorp, which owns TicketMaster, has gone to the courts to fight their battles.

I have used StubHub numerous times, including a couple months ago for a Phillies-Pirates game at Citizens Bank Park, which I attended last Saturday. Without StubHub, there would not have been a way for me to get the tickets. The face value was $44 per seat and I believe I paid $50 for each one. Not too bad of a premium for seats that I thoroughly enjoyed sitting in.

I’ve also used StubHub for Knicks tickets, where there are usually plenty of seats to go around. What is nice about the site is that there are numerous people who are willing to sell the tickets for face value, which means you are only paying a slight premium to StubHub.

Major League Baseball, as part of the agreement, will receive some revenue from each ticket sale, which will only garner more support for the deal amongst the 30 teams. Overall, I think it’s a great deal for Baseball and an even better deal for fans.


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