Really? More Football?

Every morning I open up my FireFox window to to check out the sports news that I missed while sleeping, or at least news that I just missed the night before. I knew the Yankees won and I knew A-Rod didn’t hit his 500th home run, but that was pretty much it. Luckily usually has highlights from the game so I can actually see what happened.

I’ve previously written that I think ESPN goes a little overboard when it comes to covering the NFL during the off-season, something they are more guilty of than ever before. However, with history on hold in Major League Baseball (no A-Rod, no Bonds, no Glavine) last night, decided to post who they think playing in the NFL now will make the Football Hall of Fame. Here is a screen shot from this morning:

Now I know that football training camps just started, but the season is still more than a month away. Meanwhile, the Yankees, who ESPN said were all but done for the season in May, are now two games behind the Cleveland Indians in the Wild Card and winning at a faster rate than anyone else in baseball. Even Nascar, which I don’t follow that closely, is in season and they get pushed back for the NFL. Again, I love the NFL as much as the next guy, but can we at least wait until the season is a couple of weeks away instead of months?


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