The Weirdest Commercial on Television

I’ve seen the Gillette Fusion Power commercial with Thierry Henry, Roger Federer and Tiger Woods numerous times and I still can’t get over how awkward the whole thing turned out. I appreciate that they are all international sports stars, but I feel like this commercial would be better outside of the U.S. Everyone knows that soccer (football or futbol) hasn’t taken off here despite David Beckham joining MLS (though he has yet to play a real game for the Los Angeles Galaxy) and Tennis can barely hold a candle to the audience it used to have. Though Tiger Woods is probably the biggest sports star in the world today, his endorsements outside of Nike seem like they are made for old people.

Maybe I am just considering that he signed a deal with Buick years ago, but have you ever seen anyone under 60 drive one? I can’t imagine that Tiger enjoys pushing this car, let alone driving it.

Tierry Henry made a splash in the U.S. during the World Cup, but so did everyone who played during the tournament. Soccer actually looked like it might take off after the month-long tournament last year, but unfortunately (fortunately?) it hasn’t.

Roger Federer is the best tennis player on the planet, but so few people watch tennis in America these days. Andy Roddick and James Blake are the biggest stars we have, a far cry from when Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi, Michael Chang, Jim Courier and Todd Martin used to play. Going further back, John McEnroe and Jimmy Connors were huge stars back in the day and could probably sell anything in the U.S. But Roger Federer? I don’t see it.

The whole imagery is awkward and reminds me of the intro to the ESPN Who’s Now contest when the three sports stars are walking through what looks like a force field. Plus, have you seen Tiger’s reaction to Federer feeling his face? Actually, let’s take a step back; why is Federer feeling Tiger’s face? To show us how smooth his skin is? Clearly Tiger wanted no part of it and his awkward attempt to get Henry involved in making Federer feel weird didn’t work. Heck, Henry wouldn’t even look at him.

Just a strange advertisement overall.


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