Bonds Is New Home Run King

Barry Bonds connected on home run number 756 of his career, breaking Hank Aaron’s record for most home runs in Major League Baseball history. In a special moment for Bonds after the home run, a video message was played from Hank Aaron congratulating him on the great achievement.

Despite following Bonds for the past couple of games, Commissioner Bud Selig was not in attendance for the record breaking shot. Selig was meeting with the Mitchell Investigation instead, possibly hoping for a breakthrough that showed Bonds used steroids before he broke the most storied record in the sport.

After running the bases to probably the loudest cheer of his illustrious career, Bonds was met at home plate by his son Nikolai and then the rest of his teammates. It was the first important home run of Bonds’ career that was followed by his teammates meeting him at the plate. In the past, Bonds simply pointed towards the heavens and would be congratulated by his teammates in the dugout.

Moving forward, Bonds can now lay claim to being the greatest home run hitter in the history of the game. He has now past Willie Mays, Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron and stands atop the home run chain alone. However, despite the great achievement, many wonder whether Bonds will be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. The steroid accusations that have surrounded Bonds the past number of seasons have taken a direct hit on his amazingly impressive stats and could be enough to keep him from the Hall of Fame.

Mark McGwire was not even close to getting enough votes for Hall induction when his first ballot came up last year. McGwire has also been mired by steroid controversy since he left the game as the single season home run king (which Bonds broke three seasons later). Another interesting name to notice that is missing from Cooperstown is Pete Rose. Could you imagine if the all-time hit leader and the all-time home run hitter were both banned from the most important place the sport has?


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