ESPN on Cheating in Baseball

I found it quite humorous when I checked out the MLB page on today and found out that they decided to dedicate today’s slow sports day to cheating in baseball.

The lead article is by Jerry Crasnick about the different ways to cheat in baseball. Directly underneath Crasnick’s article is Rob Neyer’s review of the top 10 biggest cheaters in baseball. And finally, there is an entire video titled “How do you cork a bat?” which was done by Buck Showalter in 2001, in response to Sammy Sosa getting caught using one in a game (the best part of the video is when Showalter is finally finished showing the viewer exactly how to cork a bat and he says “but don’t do it, it’s illegal.”).

Anyway, if you are curious about how to cheat in baseball, check out today.


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