LJ #2 Forces More Money out of Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson has agreed to a five-year extension with the team in a deal worth $45 million, including $19 million in guaranteed money. Of the $19 million guaranteed, $12 million will be paid as a signing bonus and the remaining $7 million will be through salary.

With the new contract, Johnson ended his 25-day holdout. The 28-year old running back had refused to report to camp until he had a contract extension to his current contract which ends after this season. Not wanting to put himself in the position of having the Franchise tag placed on him after this season, Johnson refused to show up to the team that made him the busiest running back in football last year. If Johnson did report to camp without a new contract, and was franchised after next season, he probably wouldn’t have been able to sign a big free agent deal in 2009 because no NFL team would be willing to give big money to a 30-year old running back. So in the end, Johnson decided to hold out and of course the team relented and gave him the deal.

Just once I would like to see a holdout not work, but at this pace, holding out clearly works every time for the player.


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