LJ Too Rich to Play All 16 Games

Larry Johnson, who just became the highest paid player in Kansas City Chiefs history, announced that he will not be physically ready to begin the season when the Chiefs play the Houston Texans on opening day. When asked if he will be prepared for the first game of the season, Johnson replied “No, it’ll take a little bit more than that.”

“What I know about myself is I’ve never been a fast starter coming out of the blocks in a season,” Johnson said. “I’ve always been — the last eight games is when I really turn it on. So I’m going to push myself as hard as I can to try to even it out.”

This is obviously not the news that Chiefs fans wanted to hear after the star running back held out for 25 days while demanding a contract extension. The team finally relented and signed Johnson to a 5-year deal that included $19 million in guaranteed money.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again: I can’t stand when players hold out and especially when they don‘t play after the contract is finally done. Johnson should be ashamed of himself and Chiefs fans deserve to be outraged if he misses any time. For $19 million guaranteed, he should at least play when the rest of his teammates do, all of which make considerably less than he does now.

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