Tom Brady’s Illegitimate Son is Born

Tom Brady’s former girlfriend Bridget Moynahan gave birth to a baby boy yesterday, the first child for Brady and Moynahan, who broke up roughly 9 months ago. “Both mother and baby are doing well,” said Moynahan’s publicist Christina Papadapoulos said.

Brady was not at practice yesterday and was hopefully on his way to the hospital to see his new son. The Patriots have their third exhibition game Friday night and it was unclear whether Brady would play or not.

He and Moynahan broke up several months ago and Brady began dating supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

Additionally, Brady now moves ahead of Peyton Manning for most career illegitimate children, adding onto other records that he holds over last year’s Super Bowl MVP.

Super Bowls:
Tom Brady 3
Peyton Manning 1

Illegitimate Children:

Tom Brady 1
Peyton Manning 0


2 Responses to “Tom Brady’s Illegitimate Son is Born”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Manning’s got one on the dad – His autograph is more expensive!

    Price of an Autographed Jersey on

    Peyton Manning: $525

    Tom Brady: $499

    (I just used because they’re the cheapest place I’ve found for sports autographs.)

  2. LairdNYC Says:

    but it’s not illegitimate

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