David Wells Signs with Dodgers

David Wells has agreed to a contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers after getting designated by the San Diego Padres on August 9th. Wells, who cleared waivers last Thursday, will make his first start for the team against the Mets on Sunday in New York.

“David’s excited to have an opportunity to continue his career with a team that has such a storied history,” said Wells’ agent, Gregg Clifton. “He’s excited to help any way he can to get the Dodgers back to the playoffs.”

Wells was not having a good season with the Padres, going 5-8 with a 5.54 ERA. However, the Dodgers are in the middle of a pennant race with the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Padres and felt having a veteran left-hander in the rotation would help them take the next step. Wells will get a prorated salary with the Dodgers, plus a per-start bonus that will be very similar in structure to the contract he initially signed with San Diego, which paid him $176,470 per start between starts 11-27 (he made 22 starts with the Padres).

Wells is currently sixth on the active wins list for pitchers with 235 career victories.


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