Police Still Questioning Briggs

Illinois State Police still have questions about Lance Briggs’ car crash last month, but it doesn’t appear like they will get any more answers than they already have. Briggs, who left the scene of the crash, initially called police to report his car stolen, before calling back 10 minutes later to “unreport” the theft.

The Bears linebacker told police that he was driving his Lamborghini in the left lane of the Edens Expressway, heading northbound, and tried to pass a car that was driving too slow in front of him. When he switched to the right lane to pass (a big no no), he lost control of the car and crashed near the Devon Avenue exit, according to documents obtained by the Chicago Tribune. Briggs then called a tow truck to remove his car, followed by a call to the police to report his car stolen, before calling back to say it wasn’t.

Though it appears the media is completely ignoring the possibility that Briggs could have been drunk when all of this went down, a better explanation has yet to come up. Driving a $350,000 car at 3am, fleeing the scene, calling the police to say that the car was stolen, then calling back and saying it wasn’t does not sound like normal (sober) behavior to me.


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