Is it possible the refs were always this bad?

Yet another bad call was made last night during the Yankees-Blue Jays game when Vernon Wells caught a Johnny Damon line drive after one bounce, which was somehow called a catch, ending the inning. After numerous replays from all angles showed that the decision shouldn’t have been difficult to call it a hit, I began wondering if the talk of all this bad refereeing is really true.

Bill Simmons has ranted repeatedly about how bad the NBA referees have gotten and it appears that umpires in baseball are no different. My only question is, is the standard of refereeing (umpiring) lower or do the multiple HD cameras that catch every drop of sweat just make us more inclined to double and triple-check every call until we decide the one made was wrong?

What makes today’s referees so much worse than prior years? In light of the new Patriots cheating scandal, many New Englanders are coming out and saying that cheating has always happened and that it’s part of the game. If the referees were so good back in the day, why are there less cheating scandals today (other than performance enhancing drugs of course)?

Then again, maybe the Patriots miss the good ol’ days and want to bring cheating back into everyday life.


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