Will We Forget the Cheating?

Bill Simmons and one of his buddies wrote back and forth to each other about the Patriots cheating scandal and the underlying response was that this will all blow over and that it was okay because everyone cheats. Yes, they both admitted to being disappointed and surprised at the situation, but in the end, people forget about cheating.

One of them compares it to the Donaghy situation and how quickly that left the front pages. What they are ignoring is that Donaghy was a referee in a league that has been floundering the past couple of seasons. This is the New England Patriots of the NFL, being caught video taping an opponent in an effort to steal signs. “Oh, well, in baseball they steal signs all the time.” Yeah, but not with a video camera pointing directly at coaches. This is a bigger deal than people in New England want it to be.

The Patriots have been the monarchs of the NFL for the past six seasons and there have been more articles and tv pieces about them than Paris Hilton, which is saying something in the today’s world. And now the coverage continues, but this time it’s not for winning but for CHEATING. When the details and the punishment come out from Commissioner Goodell, this has the potential of becoming a scandal. Yes, I understand past cheating is forgotten, but I promise I will not be one to let this slide anytime soon.


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