Pat Forde is a Genius

After reading this week’s Dash, I felt it necessary to plug it here. Pat Forde has a great way of breaking down college football and this week’s topic, struggling Notre Dame, was Forde at his best.

The Scourge of South Bend, And All Mankind
Of course all the accountability for Notre Dame’s historic offensive collapse rests with Ty Willingham (2). The Dash deeply regrets not coming to that conclusion last week. It doesn’t matter how many three-and-outs occur on the watch of the current head coach; just blame it on the last one.

The Dash has received a few hundred loving, affectionate e-mails from Fighting Irish fans insisting that they knew this horrific season was coming, thanks to the lack of recruiting by Willingham during his final two years in South Bend. Well, sure — now that you mention it, the preseason pessimism was rampant. Just look at this August post from The Rock Report, a Domer fan blog, which averaged out season predictions from more than 3,000 Notre Dame fans and concluded the Irish would go 8-4:

“For ND fans, if things were to break right, we’re looking at a two loss season. If things were to break wrong, we’re looking at a possible five loss season. Four losses looks likely from an ND fans(sic) point of view, but that’s usually on the optimistic side.”

If that doesn’t sound like a communal acknowledgement of a terrible season to come, what does? Though The Dash doesn’t see anything in there about: “If things break wrong, we’re looking at no offensive touchdowns through three weeks and a potential 0-8 start.”

In keeping with September revisionist history, Notre Dame fans have unearthed evidence that Hurricane Katrina (3), high gas prices (4) and defaulted home loans (5) also are directly attributable to Willingham’s tenure in South Bend, Ind.

Click here for the full article.


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