All Patriots Cheating Evidence Destroyed

The NFL has reviewed “all” cheating evidence from the New England Patriots and subsequently destroyed what was submitted, “ending” a scandal that has rocked the NFL for the past two weeks.

“The Patriots have fully cooperated and complied with the requirements of the commissioner’s decision,” a statement from the NFL said. “All tapes, documents and other records relating to this matter were turned over to the league office and destroyed, and the Patriots have certified in writing that no copies or other records exist.

It seems the NFL may have overreacted a little bit by destroying everything, clearly a reaction to the initial tape finding it’s way to Fox’s NFL pregame show (the worst one on TV). Now, we will never know what the tapes and documents showed. Further cloudy details were released later.

When NFL spokesman Greg Aiello was asked if defensive players had used microphones in their shoulder pads during the Jets game so they could hear audibles, his response was “We have no evidence to support that claim.” Not, “of course they didn’t,” or “we know for sure that did not occur.” He simply said there was no evidence to support the claim. Is it possible that they just haven’t found it yet?


2 Responses to “All Patriots Cheating Evidence Destroyed”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    They still have taken down each team they played during and since the so-called “scandal”. Face it…They are a great team with great players.

  2. LairdNYC Says:

    They are absolutely a great team with great players. They are also a great team with great players who were caught cheating.

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