Jets Lose Again Despite Playing Bills

The New York Jets lost again yesterday, this time to the Buffalo Bills 17-14, lowering their season record to 1-3. Chad Pennington went 32-39 for 290 yards and one touchdown, but his two costly interceptions were what doomed the Jets.

In light of yesterday’s loss, I have a few suggestions that I think have to happen in order for the Jets to win.

1. Brad Smith must touch the ball at least 10 times a game. Whether it’s a kick off return, a running play, split out as a wide receiver, or taking the ball under center, this guy is too much of a weapon to only get three touches a game.

2. Bench David Barrett. The one constant that I see whenever the Jets defense gets beat by a wide receiver is David Barrett in the background trying to catch up to the guy who just burned him.

3. Run Thomas Jones at least 20 times per game. 12 carries yesterday isn’t enough, even if he wasn’t terribly effective. Running backs need more touches to get into the flow of the game and the Jets didn’t trade a first-day draft pick for a blocking running back.

4. Give Pennington fewer play options. Three delay of game penalties in the first half, all because Pennington couldn’t decide on an audible quickly enough. I’ll give the man credit, he’s an extremely intelligent quarterback; it’s when he needs to be a good player when he starts to have trouble.

The Jets have games against two NFC East teams coming up when they play the Giants (as the visitor) and then host the Philadelphia Eagles before the bye week. Hopefully it won’t take until after the bye for the Jets to get their act together.

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