Indians Finish Off Yankees, Bombers Face Uncertain Future

Now that the 2007 campaign has ended without a championship celebration, questions will begin to swarm the New York Yankees like a pack of midges on a humid night in Cleveland. There are so many uncertainties in the future for the Bronx Bombers and unfortunately they have begun a few weeks earlier than the team had hoped for. With that said, here are some thoughts on last night and the “way forward” (I put that last phrase in quotations because I absolutely hate the phrase and especially hate that it’s the new catchy corporate term for trying to think about what will happen in the future…a slight digression, but it needed to be said):

– It’s only a matter of time before Bill Simmons starts bringing up the fact that every Yankee fan is blaming Game 2 on the midges and won’t admit that the Yankees plainly got beat. I am not going to sit here and say it’s the reason they lost the game, but you have to admit that it had to be distracting. Yes, the Indians had to play through it too, but with the amount of bug spray they had in that stadium, it seems that it wasn’t the first time they’ve seen the bugs.

– I am not sure what the future holds for Joe Torre in a Yankees uniform, but what the Big Stein said before Game 3 was so unbelievably inappropriate that I am close to blaming this Series loss on him. The players wanted to win so badly for Torre that they forgot that they were trying to win a championship and instead tried to win to save their manager’s job. Guys started trying to do too much and even the famed Mr. October Derek Jeter couldn’t do anything but ground into three double plays in the last two games. Despite always trying to win another World Series ring, Steinbrenner took away that focus from his club and put it solely on sticking up for Torre. In the end, the distraction was too much to handle.

– Did the players take turns having their pictures taken alone in the dugout last night? Here are three that I was able to find of Robinson Cano, Alex Rodriguez and Mariano Rivera all alone in the dugout following the loss:

Did they go into the clubhouse and then go back out to get their pictures taken? Did they ask Cano and Rivera to get up while they snapped a picture of A-Rod “alone” in the dugout and then do the same for the others? Very strange if you ask me. Cano clearly looks upset about losing, Rivera seems to be pondering his future and A-Rod is surely only thinking about who is going to give him $32 million a year for the next ten.

– No Indians players wore goggles during their champagne celebration. None.

– It’s apparently been made clear that if Joe Torre doesn’t come back, Jorge Posada will seriously consider going elsewhere. My question is: what’s the difference? If he leaves to go somewhere else, he still won’t be playing for Torre. Either way, I hope he returns. He is 36 years old, has caught a LOT of games in the past 5 years, but he clearly still has something left in the tank after hitting .338 this year. My guess is that he signs a 2-year contract for $28 million with a team option for the third year at $12 million.

– The Yankees need to exercise their option on Bobby Abreu. This guy can play and should be in a Yankee uniform until he decides to retire.

– I hope Andy Pettitte comes back, but it’s not the end of the world if he doesn’t. It would be nice to see how he interacts with the younger guys now that the Rocket is gone. I’d rather have Joba Chamberlain, Ian Kennedy and Phil Hughes learn from Pettitte than Mike Mussina (who should retire). But in the end, Pettitte’s desire to play deep into his thirties has never been there and he may simply want to spend more time with his family…what a crazy idea.

– Mariano Rivera testing free agency should be interesting. It seems that most teams are unwilling to spend big money on a closer these days, especially one who will be 38 next month. The Blue Jays gave BJ Ryan $47 million over five years and one of those seasons was lost to injury; does Rivera feel he deserves more than that? I bet he does and I bet the Yankees don’t give it to him.

– The Yankees should definitely try to bring back Doug Mientkiewicz. Given a full season, this guy could win a Gold Glove every year. And unfortunately, he does as much at the plate as Jason Giambi.

– This is why people make fun of Alex Rodriguez:

– Speaking of Alex Rodriguez…I don’t have the fainest idea what he is going to do in terms of opting out, but I do know that if he does, he will become the most hated player in baseball for Yankee fans. If J.D. Drew got it rough when he played at Philly, A-Rod is going to hope he was only having batteries thrown at him.

– I am betting right now that Derek Jeter has right knee surgery before the end of October. It was clearly bothering him for all of September and the playoffs and yet he tried to play through it. That’s why he is the Captain.

– As much as they don’t want to admit it, people in Boston are happier about the Yankees losing than the Red Socks winning. Cleveland vs. Boston should be good, especially with C.C. Sabathia and Fausto Carmona on full rest. Eric Wedge got a great start out of Paul Byrd last night, a move that EVERYONE destroyed Wedge for making. Looks like he got the last laugh.

– I will not watch a single ALCS game…yes, I am a bitter Yankee fan and find no pleasure in watching the Red Socks at all.

That’s all I can handle for right now. Go Jets…Go Knicks…ugh.


One Response to “Indians Finish Off Yankees, Bombers Face Uncertain Future”

  1. Jenkinz13 Says:

    “Go Jets…Go Knicks…ugh.”

    Go Pats…Go C’s…Go Sawx

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