Knicks First Round Pick Signs Shoe Deal with…Pony?

Pony International has announced a new sponsorship deal with New York Knicks first round pick Wilson Chandler, which will include a full national advertising campaign launching this month. According to Benjamin Woo, Vice President of Marketing for Pony, advertisements featuring Chandler will be featured in Sports Illustrated, ESPN the Magazine, SLAM, STACK, Complex and others.

Chandler will be wearing the Pony Chevron, which is one of a number of styles that Pony will be reintroducing. The other shoes that will be sold are the City Wings ’08, Starter Mid ’08 and the Quix, which all feature new styles among an old-school attitude.

“Wilson will be an excellent complement to the legacy of athletes that have endorsed Pony over the years,” Kevin Wulff, Pony’s President and CEO said. “He is an incredible talent with a knack for exciting fans with his dynamic athletic ability.”

“Many experts consider Chandler to be the steal of the 2007 draft. An extremely promising hybrid-forward standing at 6’8″, he is a powerhouse with rare athleticism,” says Colin Brickley, Pony’s Public Relations and Sports Marketing Director.

“He plays with a combination of passion, poise, and precision,” says Chris Grier Luchey of CGL Sports, Chandler’s agent. “He is definitely the perfect caliber of player to create excitement around a legendary brand like Pony.”

Pony International was founded in 1972 and was recently purchased by Sharp Gain Profits Ltd. Other athletes who have worn Pony sneakers include Pele, Muhammad Ali, Darryl Dawkins, Spud Webb, Dan Marino, Lawrence Taylor and Reggie Jackson. It is currently the official sneaker of the American Basketball Association.

One Response to “Knicks First Round Pick Signs Shoe Deal with…Pony?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    This is a welcome change. I always liked Pony shoes. I am sick of seeing Nike, Adidas, Reebok being the brands out there being worn. This is a good thing.

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