Walker in Trouble for Being Big Boned

Antoine Walker is heading towards Pat Riley’s doghouse after showing up to pre-season camp grossly overweight for the second year in a row. It has recently gotten so bad, that Riley is predicting that Walker might not be able to lower his body-fat to the team mandated percentage until January.

“He’s a hard worker. He works every day,” Riley said. “He comes to practice every day. Doesn’t miss any practices. He’s never missed any games. … He doesn’t miss anything. The question is that I’m trying to get him in optimum condition.”

Walker has been struggling with an achilles injury for much of camp, but Riley seems to think it’s an excuse for his weight problem. “When you are that fat and you need to play a sport, obviously you are going to come up with an injury to hide the fact that you are a fat…nevermind,” said Riley following practice. “I mean, have you seen his man-tits? He obviously spent the off-season working on his meatball eating abilities instead of his three-point shooting.”

Riley would like Walker to be down to 235 pounds with a 7% body fat, but it is believed that Walker is around 470 pounds with a 92% body fat as of yesterday. Walker did not believe the results of the test and said there was “absolutely no chance that [he is] above 455.”


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