Time Is Up for Pennington

Chad Pennington and the New York Jets suffered yet another loss yesterday, this time at the hands of the Philadelphia Eagles 16-9, bringing their record this year to 1-5. The Jets QB went 11-21 for 128 yards and one interception, his third straight game with at least one pick; he now has six in his last three games.

Many have blamed the Jets lack of a passing attack on their inability to run the ball consistently this season, however, that excuse went flying out the window yesterday. Thomas Jones, acquired in the off-season to help the anemic running game, racked up 130 yards on 24 carries. Averaging 5.4 yards per carry, Jones was the main reason why the Jets were able to move the ball downfield, even though they had absolutely no ability to get into the end zone.

The most frustrating play of the day came on a 4th and one from the two yard line when the Jets went to a fade from Pennington to Coles. Luckily for Eagles fans, the ball fluttered and hung long enough for Sheldon Brown to knock it away from Coles, clinching the victory. The pass was similar to many thrown by Pennington yesterday, all of which can be described as either “fluttering,” “floating,” “hanging,” “slow,” or “interceptable.”

Pennington has consistently been allowed to put his receivers lives on the line with his soft throws because he was accurate and the Jets were winning. At 1-5, this is no longer the case and it’s time for Coach Mangini to make the switch to Kellen Clemens. Though the second-year player has minimal experience under his belt, his ability to throw the ball more than 13 feet should get him into the starting lineup. Pennington may know the playbook better than anyone else on the team, but if he can’t actually act on those plays, then what is the point in having him in the game?

Even the most basic sideline pass is near impossible for Pennington, as it requires a quick strike to the outside arms of the wide receiver. Instead, Pennington floats the ball towards the sideline, essentially inviting the cornerback to run up and take it back for six.

I can’t write anymore, I am getting way too frustrated. Either way, it’s time for the Kellen Clemens era to start in New York.


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