Mangini Sticking With Pennington Despite 1-5 Start

New York Jets head coach Eric Mangini made it clear yesterday who his started quarterback was; and it wasn’t the answer most fans are looking for.

When asked if the Jets would be entertaining offers for Pennington before today’s trade deadline, Mangini said “that’s ludicrous.” When that statement didn’t rule out that Pennington could be benched, Mangini reiterated his opinion that the Marshall product was his starting quarterback and he had no thoughts otherwise.

“The only change we need is a win,” Laveranues Coles said Monday. “You get a win and everything else goes away. If we win, we wouldn’t be talking about change, so right now the main thing is trying to find a way to get a win.”

The problem is, the Jets aren’t winning. After beating still-winless Miami in Week 3 for their first (and only) victory so far this year, the Jets have dropped three straight games, which have included a total of six interceptions by Pennington.

Though he understands the playbook better than anyone else on the roster, it’s becoming increasingly clear that he may be better off with a headset and a clipboard instead of a helmet.


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