Well, since I have to…

I just found out that the World Series is still being played this year, even though the Yankees were eliminated from post-season play. And to make matters even more confusing, I find out that the team that beat the Yankees wasn’t automatically awarded this year’s championship. What a weird decision by Commissioner Bud Selig, but then again, this is the same man who decided the 2002 All-Star Game should end in a tie.

Anyway, since I follow sports, I feel like I should come up with some sort of prediction for the series. I thought long and hard to convince myself to be unbiased and here is what I came up with: I can’t be unbiased and therefore I am picking the Rockies in 4.

Everyone is making a big deal about David Ortiz having to put on a first baseman’s glove and to be honest, it is a huge deal. His right knee has been barking (I love that word for an injury) for months and the ball travels just a wee bit faster in Colorado if you didn’t already know that. Not to mention the Rockies have a ton of speed at the top of their lineup, it might be difficult for Ortiz to field bunts hit towards him.

Not to mention that putting Ortiz at first takes Kevin Youkilis out of the lineup. Though he isn’t exactly putting up David Ortiz type numbers, he does work the count better than anyone else in the lineup, something that tires pitchers out early. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

The other subject I keep seeing people point out is pitching experience and how much the Red Socks have and the Rockies don’t. The only response I have is to look at the pitchers from last year’s World Series winning St. Louis Cardinals (opposing pitcher in parentheses):

Game 1: Anthony Reyes (Justin Verlander)
Game 2: Jeff Weaver (Kenny Rogers)
Game 3: Chris Carpenter (Nate Robertson)
Game 4: Jeff Suppan (Jeremy Bonderman)
Game 5: Jeff Weaver (Justin Verlander)

It doesn’t matter how pitchers did during the regular season, it just matters who is hot, and the last time I checked, the Rockies are hot.

The Red Socks might have a pretty strong lineup with Youkilis, Ortiz, Manny Ramirez and Mike Lowell, but it’s not like the Rockies haven’t seen a lineup like this before. Actually, on their road to the World Series they’ve seen a better one. Remember the Phillies? Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, Aaron Rowand, Pat Burrell, Shane Victorino, etc. I don’t think you would find someone who would take the Red Socks’ lineup over the Phillies’ and I am pretty sure the Rockies shut them down (and out).

My last point is simple: The Rockies are the team of destiny…and you don’t mess (or bet against) destiny.

Rockies in 4.
World Series MVP: Todd Helton


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