Mangini (FINALLY) Turns to Clemens

New York Jets head coach Eric Mangini announced today that Kellen Clemens will be the starting quarterback this Sunday when the team takes on the Washington Redskins at Giants Stadium. Chad Pennington will finally assume the roll he was destined to play this season, wearing a headset and holding a clipboard. Mangini tried to play the decision off as a result of a team issue, but it’s clear that the top problem this year was at the quarterback position.

“I made this decision not based on singling out Chad for where we are, but based on the fact that I think Kellen has earned this opportunity,” Mangini said. “I want to give him this opportunity. It’s in no way an indication that Chad is solely responsible. We all are.”

Clemens, who is not only able to throw the ball hard, but far as well, takes over a struggling Jets team that is now 1-7 and has lost their last 5 games. Pennington has been atrocious during the losing streak and deserved this benching two weeks ago.

Mangini refused to solidify Clemens as the starting quarterback for the rest of the season, but felt that he earned a least one start for having to watch Pennington almost single handedly destroy the Jets season this year.

The former Oregon quarterback is in his second season in the NFL. He was the 17th pick in the second round of the 2006 Draft.


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