Pennington Breaks Interception Streak, Jets Still Lose

Chad Pennington went 13-20 for 106 yards and no touchdowns yesterday, as the New York Jets lost their fifth straight game and seventh of the season. Though Pennington did not throw an interception for the first time in four games, his complete inability to get the Jets down field led to their three points in the entire game.

That’s right, three points. Against the Buffalo Bills. At home.

Eric Mangini MUST make the move to Kellen Clemens at this point. Pennington is not only losing ballgames, he is also losing receivers. Jets #1 wide receiver Laveraues Coles was smashed in the fourth quarter while jumping up to catch a Pennington “pass.” As Coles caught the ball at the height of his jump, Bills cornerback Terrence McGee crushed him from behind, as the soft and hight throw from Pennington left Coles completely vulnerable to that kind of hit. Coles’ chest and head slammed to the turf and he remained face-down for nearly five minutes at trainers looked him over. He was finally able to walk off the field under his own accord.

Clearly Eric Mangini knows something about Kellen Clemens that he doesn’t like, or else he would have made the switch already. The difficulty is, he’s never stated what it is. Regardless, Pennington is not giving the Jets their best chance to win and the coach needs to finally recognize that and bench Chad Pennington.


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