Knicks Lose by 45, Isiah Still Coach

The New York Knicks lost by 45 points last night to the first place Boston Celtics, 104-59 and missed tying the record for fewest points scored in a game by the Knicks by one point. Nate Robinson hit a 37-foot three pointer as time expired to pull the Knicks within 45.

Robinson was also the only Knicks player to score in double figures (with 11), as the team failed to put up more than 18 points in any quarter.

The Celtics dominated all aspects of the game and consistently made the Knicks look foolish. With the loss, the Knicks are now 4-10 on the season after starting the year 2-1. One would have to think that the end of the line for Isiah Thomas is close, but with the way the Knicks have handled him in the past couple of seasons, you never know.

What is known is that the Knicks are officially the laughing stock of the NBA. True, they may have held that role before last night’s game, but if they got anything out of the drubbing they took last night, it’s that they are a joke. They are ridiculed by all other teams and even make the Minnesota Timberwolves look like a promising nucleus for the future.

The Knicks have no direction, the roster is filled with overpriced and under-performing (not to mention undersized) players who have clearly given up on their team, city and coach and they have an owner who seems more than content with everything as long as the Rangers keep winning and people keep buying $9 beers at Madison Square Garden, “the World’s Most Famous Arena” with the country’s most infamous team.

When does baseball start again?


LairdNYC Fantasy NBA Power Rankings, Take 3

1. Shawn Marion (1)
Trade rumors have been silenced and he is back to dominating the box score.

2. Kevin Garnett (2)
Though he doesn’t want to touch the ball for a game winning shot, he is more than happy to grab the rebound and kick it out for a game winning assist.

3. LeBron James (8)
The new triple-double machine of the NBA, how long until he averages one for a whole season?

4. Kobe Bryant (3)

Moves down again, not because of his lack of play, but because of great play by others.

5. Yao Ming (5)
An 86% free throw shooter out of the center position is amazing.

6. Chris Paul (11)
He is slowly becoming the best point guard in the league.

7. Dwight Howard (13)
Moving up significantly thanks to his increased scoring. He may pass Yao this year as the best center in the NBA.

8. Steve Nash (6)
Losing his spot as best point guard in the NBA, but can still dominate the assist category with Amare and Marion on the wings.

9. Caron Butler (NR)
Getting many more looks now that Arenas is out, Butler’s scoring was the only thing holding him back from being a top-10 fantasy player.

10. Tim Duncan (9)
20 points, 10 rebounds and 4 blocks per game will get you in the top 10. He’s even shooting 70% from the line!

11. Dirk Notwiztki (5)
Moved down because he doesn’t shoot as many threes, but he still fills it up every night.

12. Marcus Camby (17)
Well on his way to another Defensive Player of the Year Award, the only question is if he can make it through a whole season.

13. Paul Pierce (12)
Garnett may be getting most of the hype, but with the game on the line, they want the ball in Pierce’s hands.

14. Deron Williams (18)
Another fantastic point guard; the battles between Williams and Paul for the next decade will be great to watch.

15. Carlos Boozer (14)
His 35 and 15 nights are great, but can he play any defense?

16. Tracy McGrady (10)
Back from an elbow injury and playing well. If his back holds up, he will be a beast this year playing alongside Yao.

17. Josh Smith (20)
He is a monster defensively, but offensively he is a big question mark. He will hit a couple of threes, but at the same time shoot 5-18.

18. Vince Carter (16)
Came back from an ankle injury and is playing well again. Don’t underestimate his ability to finish the year averaging 25-5-5 again.

19. Baron Davis (NR)
Nothing like a game against the Knicks to really get you going. Davis is a great talent, who just needs to stay healthy.

20. Antawn Jamison (NR)
Similar to Caron Butler, it was consistent scoring that kept Jamison out of the Top 20. With Arenas gone, it’s time to step up.

Dropped from the Top 20: Gilbert Arenas, Amare Stoudemire, Allen Iverson

Honorable Mention:
Manu Ginobili
Kevin Martin
Allen Iverson
Amare Stoudemire
Rashard Lewis
Andre Iguodala
Ray Allen
Jason Kidd

For those who gave up on the NBA

Not that they would…but if they did…

Thanks to Brian Murphy for sending this along.

Robert Cade, Gatorade Inventor, Dead at 80

Dr. Robert Cade, the man responsible for starting the sports drink industry by inventing Gatorade, died at the age of 80 yesterday due to kidney failure. His death was announced by the University of Florida, where Cade made a living for the past half century.

Beginning in 1965, Cade and researchers at the university began research on how to assist the men’s football teams from losing energy late in games by trying to concoct a drink that would replace electrolytes and carbohydrates lost through sweat. Using $43 worth of supplies, Cade was able to invent the initial lemon flavor of what is now called Gatorade.

After years of success with the product, Pepsi Co. (which now owns the product) has developed more than 50 flavors of the drink internationally, which are sold in over 80 countries. Since 1973, the university has received more than $110 million in royalties from Gatorade.

Longtime Gatorade pounder Adam Honig released a statement today concerning Cade’s death:

“This is a very sad day for Gatorade drinkers worldwide. Robert Cade was an innovator, a gifted genius and a true friend. With his invention of a drink to help athletes re-fuel after a grueling workout, Cade was able to provide the human body with the necessary electrolytes that water has never been able to. Through his earth-shattering drink and the help of a marketing guru, Cade was able to slowly develop Gatorade as we know it and sell it to PepsiCo for an enormous profit. While lemon-lime was the original flavor, it is hard to argue that Citrus Cooler and Tropical have been the tastiest flavors G-rade has ever produced (especially as a remedy for a terrible hangover, combined with a greasy chicken parm hero!). Perhaps if Cade would have pounded an ice-cold 32 ouncer of Glacier Freeze as he felt his kidneys failing, he might still be here today. He will be sincerely missed.”

LairdNYC College Basketball Top 25

First place votes in parentheses

1. UCLA (5)
2. North Carolina (3)
3. Memphis (1)
4. Kansas (1)
5. Georgetown
6. Washington State
7. Duke
8. Texas A&M
9. Texas
10. Michigan State
11. Tennessee
12. Louisville
13. Indiana
14. Marquette
15. Pittsburgh
16. Oregon
17. Butler
18. Gonzaga
19. Clemson
20. Wisconsin
21. USC
22. Kansas State
23. Villanova
24. BYU
25. Vanderbilt

Also receiving votes: North Carolina State, Xavier, Southern Illinois, Syracuse, Arkansas, Arizona, St. Mary’s, Stanford, Davidson, Florida, Seton Hall, Alabama, Missouri, Miami, Boston College

Sean Taylor, Rest in Peace