A-Rod Rankings, Take 2

1. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Owner Arte Moreno keeps holding his stance that he won’t double his current highest player’s salary (Vlad Guerrero), but it sounds more like a bluff out of the Scott Boras handbook than anything else.

2. Los Angeles Dodgers of Los Angeles
Not that he loved playing for Joe Torre (who dropped him to eighth in the lineup during the playoffs two years ago), but it might help that he doesn’t have to change managers even though he is changing teams. The Dodgers have the money, it’s just a matter of whether they want to spend it.

3. San Francisco Giants

If Bonds was willing to take a pay cut, it would be interesting to see these two play together. The Giants know how to build around a franchise player with garbage surroundings and that might be just what Rodriguez wants.

4. Detroit Tigers

They just traded for Edgar Renteria, so they won’t be putting A Rod at short, but as long as he gets paid, he doesn’t care where he plays.

5. Boston Red Socks
They will definitely take a look at A Rod, but spending that much money to simply stick it to the Yankees seems a little ridiculous.

6. Florida Marlins
There is talk that the team would like to use A Rod as the centerpiece for a new ballpark proposal, but is he really worth doubling the payroll? Many think so.

7. Chicago Cubs
As long as they pay him enough, A Rod would love to play for Sweet Lou…not as much as he loves money, but almost.

8. Seattle Mariners
It sounds like they might make a play for the shortstop who started in Seattle, but the price tag might just be too much.

9. Chicago White Sox
A Rod looked pretty happy picking his crotch while talking with Ozzie Guillen and $300 million could get him some better pick-friendly pants.

10. New York Yankees
Cashman and the Steinbrothers (thanks Rob Neyer) say they will not negotiate now that Rodriguez has opted out, but with the Steinbrenner family, you never know.


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