Posada Agrees with Yankees

Jorge Posada has reportedly agreed to a new contract with the New York Yankees, making him the highest paid catcher in baseball history. The new deal is worth $52.4 million over the next four years; the $13.1 million per year is $100,000 more than the $13 million that Ivan Rodriguez will make this season.

The Yankees had previously offered Posada a three year contract, but after his agents Sam and Seth Levinson met with Omar Minaya and the New York Mets, the Yankees increased their offer to four years.

This past season was Posada’s best, despite being a 36-year old catcher. He hit a team-high .338, good for fifth best in baseball, 20 home runs and 90 RBI. He also finished with a .543 slugging percentage and a .426 on-base percentage, both career highs.

The Yankees also have extended an offer to closer Mariano Rivera, but have yet to reach an agreement. The three-year deal is the only offer so far to Rivera, who said he would consider the Dodgers if a deal can’t be reached with the Yankees. “The Yankees are my first option,” Rivera said from Santo Domingo. “But if that is not possible, there is Joe with the Dodgers.”

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