Yanks to Negotiate with A-Rod…But Not with Boras

According to the New York Daily News, the New York Yankees are willing to negotiate a new contract with Alex Rodriguez, with one big condition: that Rodriguez’s super agent Scott Boras has no part in the dealings. Boras, who has been Rodriguez’s agent since he was 16 years old, appears to be the main culprit behind the third baseman opting out of his contract in the first place, which infuriated the Yankees.

“We will not negotiate with Scott Boras,” a Yankees source said. “He cannot be in the room.”

“We realize it could be a trap to get us back in the negotiations,” said one Yankee official. “But we don’t think that’s the case.”

According to the source, it was actually Rodriguez who contacted the Yankees, not the other way around. It is expected that the third baseman will meet with the Steinbrothers before any offer will be formally issued.

Before Rodriguez opted out, Boras gave the Yankees the possibility of negotiating with Rodriguez, as long as their offer was worth at least $350 million. The Yankees were set to offer a five-year extension to his current contract, which would have brought the total to eight-years for $230 million. It is believed the new offer will be for ten-years and worth upwards of $275 million.

The market for Rodriguez clearly is not what Boras thought it was, as few teams have contacted the agent and offered the kind of money he was looking for. His $30 million per year starting point scared off most teams, although the Yankees certainly have the money to pay for it.

The Bombers are also looking at Mike Lowell and Miguel Cabrera, the former wanting a four-year deal, which the Yankees seem more than reluctant to provide. Cabrera would require the Yankees to give up a number of prospects, including either Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain or Ian Kennedy, which they said they would not do for a position player.

Before the Yankees begin any negotiations with Rodriguez, they are hoping to finalize a new contract with closer Mariano Rivera, who was offered $45 million for the next three seasons.


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